McGill Precision Agriculture and Sensor Systems (PASS) Research Team

Current Team Members

Viacheslav Adamchuk Team Leader 514-924-5713 html
Amanda Boatswain Jacques MS Student 514-566-0295
Roberto Buelvas MS Student 514-550-2113
Mohamed Debbagh MS Student 514-569-2537
Nandkishor Dhawale Past Postdoctoral Assistant html
Hsin-Hui Huang Postdoctoral Assistant
Allegra Johnston MS Student 514-549-2032
Rene Lacroix Research Associate
Maxime Leclerc Undegraduate Student 514-929-3619
Eko Leksono PhD Student 514-549-0188
Marie-Christine Marmette MS Student
Connor Miller Undegraduate Student 647-286-8434
Jiangtao Qi Visiting Professor 438-725-0188
Md Saifuzzaman PhD Student 514-560-9229
Sadanand Shinde MS Student 438-921-8990
Samson Sotocinal Technical Associate 514-578-8596
Jefrey Waters UAV Pilot

Office: MS1-094, phone: 514-398-7657
Instrumentation Lab: MS1-063, phone: 514-398-8712
Robotics Lab: MSB-024
E-mail distribution list:
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