McGill Precision Agriculture and Sensor Systems (PASS) Research Team

Current Team Members

Viacheslav Adamchuk Team Leader
Karim Abdalla MSc Student
Guillaume Boily PhD Student
Hamed Etezadi PhD Student
Kyle Geddes BEng Student
Xintong Jiang MSc Student
Felippe Karp PhD Student
John Lan MSc Student
Philippe Leblond BEng Student
Andres Rello Rincon MSc Student
Md Saifuzzaman Postdoctoral Associate

Office: MS1-028, phone: 514-398-7657, cell: 514-924-5713
Instrumentation Lab: MS1-063, phone: 514-398-8712
Robotics Lab: MSB-024
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Brochure on current research projects

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