Viacheslav I. Adamchuk

Tutorial on Application of Manifold GIS Software for Precision Agriculture

 Lesson 1 - Downloading Publicly Available Data

There are many data layers available for the public to access via the Internet. For example, the web site of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources has several essential data layers published. These data cover the entire state of Nebraska and can be downloaded as a series of data files related to specific locations within the state and specific types of data. In this lesson, the three most popular publicly-available data layers are downloaded for an agricultural field at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agricultural Research and Development Center located in Saunders County near Mead, Nebraska. The data include: 1) compressed digital orthophoto quad (COQQ), 2) digital elevation model (DEM), and 3) digitized soil survey (SSURGO) map.


Instructions Objective
Downloaded data
File identification
Exercise_1-2.pdf COQQ retrival
4109653SW.jpg & 4109653SW.jgw
Exercise_1-3.pdf DEM retreval
Exercise_1-4.pdf SSURGO retreval

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