Viacheslav I. Adamchuk

Tutorial on Application of Manifold GIS Software for Precision Agriculture

 Lesson 4 - Visualization and Analysis of Soil Data

Yield variability can frequently be attributed to the differences in physical and chemical soil attributes. In addition to soil survey maps, the inconsistency of various soil properties can be evaluated using the results of laboratory analyses performed on samples obtained from various locations within a field. For certain soil properties, e.g., electrical conductivity (EC), on-the-go mapping techniques are available as well. Integrated consideration of laboratory analysis data, on-the-go measurement records, and publicly available soil survey maps (Lesson 1) can provide valuable information with regard to spatial differences in growing conditions. For example, an expert may be interested in comparing spatial patterns disclosed via electrical conductivity, soil type and organic matter content maps through the process described in this lesson.


Instructions Objective
Input data
Output project
Soil EC data processing
Veris_EC.txt &
Exercise_4-2.pdf Organic matter map interpolation
Exercise_4-3.pdf Soil data layot
Soil sampling prescription, &

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