Viacheslav I. Adamchuk

Tutorial on Application of Manifold GIS Software for Precision Agriculture

 Lesson 5 - Prescription Map Development

A key point of the data analysis process is making decisions with regard to future field management. A variable rate fertilizer prescription map is an example of when integrated spatial data layers are used to differentiate field management according to local needs. In this lesson, prescription maps have been developed for phosphorous, lime and nitrate using recommendations for corn provided by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (P and N) and North-Central Regional Committee (lime). When developed, prescription maps can be transferred to the application rate controlling unit using the popular shape file format or a proprietary binary code, which can be created using a third-party software.


Instructions Objective
Input data
Output project
Phosphorus application map
Exercise_5-2.pdf Lime application map
Exercise_5-3.pdf Nitrate application map
Exercise_5-4.pdf Prescription maps layout
Spatial data comparison & Spreadsheet_5-5.xls

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